Jeremy's Story

Jeremy Kidson, a San Francisco native, started Jeremy's Department Store when he was just 19. After a successful opening, he bought the Kohler Faucet Building at Two South Park from the Levi's family. Jeremy's and Jeremy Kidson, as a clothing designer, soon became a nationally recognized brand. At the time, his ultimate goal was to become an Actor, but as he gained traction in the fashion scene he decided to devote his full attention to Jeremy's and his clothing line. Under his own label, his designs were sold to all of the major department stores throughout the United States.

Jeremy's Department Store grew in popularity, garnering the support of celebrity customers, including Naomi Campbell, Winona Ryder, Cheech Marin, Robin Wright, Sharon Stone and many others. It was also a favored spot during awards season for nominees of the Oscars and Grammys. Locally, it was famous for its annual Black Friday Sale, where thousands of Bay Area natives would pour into the store. 


As an investor, Jeremy spearheaded the renaissance that took place in South Park over the ensuing decades and jump-started the trend that would soon make South Park the home of the world's leading Tech Venture Capital Firms. 

Through the years, Jeremy acquired many commercial buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jeremy's Department Store closed its doors in 2016 and it was sold.

Jeremy maintains a small team that handles his investment portfolio and business operations with Kidson Land, and lives part time in Thailand.

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